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Underwater Aquascape


University Project

3D - Houdini, 2D - Nuke, Photoshop

My first project at university, the brief of which (as it is for everyone at Bournemouth) was to create an illuminating artefact somehow moving around a scene created from a still image (in this case a low angle shot of Corfe Castle in Dorset). Oh yes, and make it underwater. So essentially it's a comp exercise in "dry for wet", i.e. grading a scene using standard underwater cues, with some fairly rudimentary 3D thrown in (we were just learning Houdini at this point, so nothing fancy). I finished nice and early (I was pretty confident of banging out a 3D textured model at that point), so I had a bunch of time to spruce it up with lots of layers of bubbles, particles, etc., so I was pretty happy with it in the end. There's a breakdown at the end of the video so you'll get the idea from there.  

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