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Generative Clay


Personal Project
All Aspects

3D - Houdini / Redshift; 2D - Nuke / Touchdesigner

The idea here was to make this block of clay that is all uvd, and has a touch displacement texture on it that erodes it, but is also periodically "smoothed". Ideally it would constantly fall under it's own weight etc. I couldn't really work out how that would work, as I'd have to sim it, with constantly changing geo. So it got stuck at the first bit here, where the most colorful bits displace using a solver following a curl noise pattern, and the UV is constantly smoothing out, so it sorrrtaaaa makes new shapes. They're a bit obvious, but yeah that was the next stage.Then, when I went onto comping stuff, framing it etc., I thought it'd be good to at least try long aspect ratios, specifically ambient type things, banners, home screen wallpaper type stuff. The type of thing we'd put in decks as ambient viz etc. Eh, who knows, I might return to it some day. 

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