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I am a VFX artist / CG Generalist / Motion Designer, mainly focused on FX and compositing. That's my day job, but I also dabble in music in my spare time, and I'm really interested in splicing the two in an original way, hence the Broken Angel stuff. It's something that I don't think has been explored properly, and I more or less constantly strive to do something new in that direction. Whether that be shorts, live visuals, little vignettes, or a combination of all, who knows.


I'm from Dundee, Scotland. I went to University (the first time) in Edinburgh and was an asbestos analyst (yes that's right) in Edinburgh and Glasgow after that, mainly to fund a fledgling and ultimately failed music career (as most middle class boys do - see Jez out of Peep Show). I started making a few of my own short films around that time, and because I enjoyed the effects-y elements of that the most, I decided to switch careers to VFX. I taught myself a few programs (first After Effects, then C4D, then Maya) and then attended the NCCA at Bournemouth University. After graduating (distinction, don't you know) in 2012, I had a stint of jobs back up in Glasgow, and then I moved down to London to seek my fortune amongst the London VFX/CG cess-pit. I mean, cess-pool. I mean, talent pool. I've been there ever since,  and I love it here. I live in Bowes Park. Not in the actual park, that wouldn't work. Bowes Park has never been heard of by anyone ever, and may not even exist, so it's North London to you.

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