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Fluid Galaxies


Personal Project
All Aspects

3D - Houdini / Redshift, 2D - Nuke

Audio - go to "Audio / bits & pieces" section for list of gear used

A shortish project, mainly to have something complex to test out my new system, but also to continue mixing CG with real footage in interesting ways. I was aiming for billions of stars, maybe 10s of billions, to get close to the actual count of stars in galaxies, but in reality, it's difficult to make out individual particles when it gets too much, so I mainly just kept it around the 10s of millions.

CG was in Houdini (flip for sims, mostly emmissive particles and some volumes here and there) and footage was a mix of macro fluid and suspended particulate. Camera - Panasonic GH5 + Olympus 100mm macro, 2D in Nuke.

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