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Jordan - Why Not?


Advertising - Future Deluxe
Created as part of the design team

2D - Nuke

From FD - "Working with the team at both Nike and Wieden + Kennedy we created a vibrant and jarring TVC for Jordan’s Why Not? Campaign with the NBA’s Russell Westbrook.

We were tasked with creating a fully abstract colour driven world of chaos based around Russell’s unique playing style to celebrate the much anticipated launch of the Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 sneaker."

My main job on this was developing the "smear / smudge" effect, where Russell distorts his environment in a weird way. It's mainly a combination of abusing some of the vector distort stuff in nuke, with 3D projection and splinewarping hidden in at certain points so it all becomes a big moosh. I did a test montage of the technique after the project, below:

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