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3D - Maya / Vray, 2D - Nuke

Oh, god. This is one of these projects that makes me sigh with despair every time I see it. This one took about a year and a half to actually come to fruition, even though, really, I should be able to do that in a week. It started off purely as a project to show off my kick ass roto skills (yes you heard me ladies), as I had no such thing on my reel and I thought it important.

So I filmed a handheld walky sequence in a park in Glasgow, with the aim of doing some impressive roto on some trees, cutting them out, and making some kind of matte painting for the background. After tracking it, I pretty much put in on hold for a year, just spending five minutes here and there opening it going "bleurgh", and closing it. When I properly got back to it, I realised the tracking shook around a bit and I'd lost the original footage in a hard drive related incident. So, wanting to get something out of it, I just used the matte painting and added a new foreground. 

The final thing is pretty much projection mapping project with a bunch of layers on cards, with a couple of additional 3D objects thrown into the foreground (the block with the ring on it and the sign on the ground). Nothing particularly clever, but I do like the foggy, sleety, wet feel. It's a standard June day in Scotland. 

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