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Personal Project
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3D - Houdini / Mantra, 2D - Nuke, Tracking - Syntheyes 

A personal project I did between jobs, I wanted to make a thoroughly mundane and everyday shot, and try to fit it seamlessly into a mundane and everyday backplate. 

I filmed a handheld camera move in an industrial estate in Glasgow, and tracked it in Syntheyes (probably my favourite tracking package). I pretty much just continuously modelled and textured general industrial objects in Houdini until I ran out of time (I used Houdini so I could easily scatter random objects around. I was going to have a lot of additional elements like broken glass, moss etc., and I thought Houdini would be best for procedural modelling). I then rendered in Mantra and comped in Nuke. Nothing unusual, like the project itself. 

Some objects worked well (bricks, Herris fencing), some didn't (the girder section on the right could have used more work).

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