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BBC2 Idents - Magical


Advertising - Future Deluxe
All Aspects

3D - Houdini / Redshift, 2D - Nuke

This was another ident for BBC2, this time as part of their Christmas ident package.

This presented a totally different challenge to the "Wonder" ident, which was almost static, and relied more on shading and texturing. As this was more of a playful, dynamic piece, this was a challenge of animation and simulation primarily. The idea was to present a christmas-style tree (not necessarily a photoreal fir tree) shaking off snow from it's leaves, in a motion akin to a dog shaking it's fur. 

The leaves were simulated using Houdini grains (vellum hadn't come out in time for the project), the main snow sim was small clumps of snowflake shapes, using more standard pop sims, although the larger ones also used grains (so they break apart on falling). Also, there was a matte painting on the left, with more layers of snow, and deforming trees, so as to not make the frame appear totally static. 

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