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University Project

Compositing, Lighting, Modelling, Texturing, FX
3D - Houdini, Zbrush, 2D - Nuke, Photoshop

Our group project at uni, made with the other guys mentioned at the end of the above video. On this I did all the compositing, the zbrush sculpting, the environments, the music, the lighting and a bit of FX.


This started with lofty ambitions which mostly got gradually reduced to something more realistic as time evaporated. The idea was to create an audio generated CG piece which had some high-end techniques, as well as some kind of discernible narrative, so it didn't just look like a visualiser. The problem was that the A to B nature of making a tangible "piece" became the main concern, rather than the look and feel of the inner-world biological aesthetic driven by audio, which was the main point of the thing. Plus I think the overall quality is a little shonky, albeit not bad for a student project. 


So, a bit of a shame then, but I think it was still reasonable in terms of what we got through in the short time, and it's something I'm definitely still into doing properly myself (as I am now in my spare time), so it's still in my mind a lot.  


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