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As well as VFX, I also do electronic music as a hobby. I used to take it more seriously (under various monikers) to the extent that my day job at the time funded it, and I stuck with it for way longer than was advisable. These days I'm not particularly interested in putting anything out or getting followers or anything, I just do it for fun. I split time between writing soundtrack-type material (a lot of it finds its way onto the stag and broken angel soundtracks), and doing live improvised jams with (mostly) hardware synths and fx. From these jams, I edit them down to clips and stick them in a folder. From there, they get automatically posted somewhat randomly to my audio instagram account ( now and then. The first batch of these is below, and then there's some links to my soundcloud, first of which is a bunch of edits from the recent audiovisualisr stuff.

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